Certified olive tree plants

  • Our vegetable material involves an unsurpassable genetic selection and a total health guarantee.

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  • Standardisation and Productivity

    The standardisation and productivity which characterise our plants is not the fruit of chance. All our plants come from a careful, meticulous genetic selection made from thousands of olive tree plants.


    Our plants have excellent health. They are subjected to rigorous, exhaustive health checks.

    With them, we issue a “Health Certificate”, which guarantees the total absence of diseases and plagues in our saplings.


    With our vegetable material, we have achieved numerous successes, such as: the National Production Record obtained in Los Palacios (Seville) where 21,856 kg of olives /ha were obtained. Or the 3,534 kg of Extra Virgin olive oil extra/ha obtained in 2004 on “El Llano” Estate (Écija-Seville).

  • Varieties for the Todoolivo High Density Olive Grove System.

    At Todolivo we have many varieties of olive. Outstanding among these are the following:

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  • All our vegetable material complies with the regulations in force of the genetic and health certification system