Multi-Variety High Density Olive Grove Plantations

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What do they consist of?

These are the fruit of the research work which we have been carrying out since 1999, in which we began the first multi-variety high density olive groves with different layouts and many others which we subsequently carried out, such as orientation.
The customised “Multi-Variety” plantations are apt for irrigated and rainfed estates and join together different varieties of olive trees in the same exploitation. They are planted in a line, grouped by types. They are initially formed in a pyramid form and then in a false palmate shape, forming continuous lines of olive trees so that subsequently a harvester can harvest the olives.

This enables us:

  • To obtain 100% of our Extra Virgin oil, to differentiate our offer from the competition and to obtain blends of oils with fruity flavours and aromas which are unique on the market.
  • Optimum agronomic exploitation due to the fact that we use the varieties which best adapt to the different agronomic and climatological circumstances.
  • To reduce the risk due to meteorological incidences.



olivar-seto-secano-img08-1Personalisation of the plantations


At Todolivo we personalise these plantations because we understand that each estate has its own climatological and agronomic circumstances, which in many cases are not uniform and make each estate unique and different. That is why we carry out a detailed agronomic study of the fields which make up the estate, and we help the grower to choose the layout, the orientation and the ideal variety in each one of these so that maximum profitability can be achieved with the lowest investment and maintenance costs possible.





The “unique” character

The “unique character” is a very important factor when competing in markets as it enables the producer to differentiate his oil as regards the competition, and, with regard to the consumers, it generates greater loyalty to the brand and less sensitivity to the price.olivar-seto-secano-img09-3