Pruning in the Todolivo High Density Olive Grove

At TODOLIVO, we have a pruning system which has been totally checked for high density olive groves and which is implemented simply and economically.

  • It makes it possible to obtain a high foliage ratio (leaf/wood relation), as well as productive branches with herbaceous consistency which facilitate mechanization.

    Principal functions:

    • To create the structure of the olive tree in a mono-conical vase and/or false palmate shape.
    • To keep the olive tree line productive and flexible.
    • To encourage the entry of light.
    • To facilitate harvesting.


    Pruning is carried out annually or biannually and is composed of two differentiated parts. The “thinning out”, carried out with chainsaws and the “pruning of lower branches”, done with mechanical blades which are coupled to the tractor.

    In some plantations and in specific years, we use “Topping” in order to reduce the height of the trees. When this occurs, we also use chainsaws to carry out the “thinning out” and the mechanical blades for the “pruning of lower branches”.

    Nutrition with the remains of pruning

    The remains of pruning are placed in the centre of the paths between the rows so that, once the pruning is finished, they can be crushed and incorporated to the soil as organic material.


    Ten years ago, in the Pedro Abad trial field, we began a totally mechanised pruning programme (topping and lateral pruning with blades) which enabled us to gain detailed knowledge of its functioning.

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    Pruning service

    At Todolivo we have the following:

    • Expert technicians in the pruning of high density olive groves who will train and advise the personnel of your state in all that is required.
    • All the material necessary for carrying out the pruning (chainsaws, mechanical blades, crushers, binders, etc.).

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